Liha ja Elin Oy was founded in Helsinki City butchery 7thDecember 1945. The company started its business by selling natural casings for sausages and animal organs.  

In 1970’s Liha ja Elin Oy started importing spice blends to Finland from Germany, directed to meat industry. The company’s name was changed to Lihel Oy. As the company wanted to start producing the spice blends inhouse, eventually in 1979 Lihel build a factory in Espoo.

Soon after the factory was built, Lihel started to produce tailor-made blends, to meet customers individual needs. Internationalisation started in 1991 with exports to Estonia. 

In 1998 Paulig bought majority shares of Lihel and integrated it into Pimenta, Paulig’s industrial flavouring company.

In 2002 internationalisation of the company continued with exports to Russia. Five years later, in 2007, Nordics biggest industrial flavouring-concentrated factory was opened in Saue, Estonia. Production was transferred in stages into the new factory. 

In 2011 Lihel bought the company Six Oy. In 2015 Lihel became part of the French company Solina Group, global specialist in culinary solutions.  

In 2017 our products were transferred under the Solina trademark within the EU and the old brand remained to be used for the export business.